Population Characteristics

The median age of all people within the district is 37. The highest age distribution is between 25-29 years old, followed by 30-34 year old.

Race & Ethnicity

The following bar chart shows 7 races and ethnicities represented as a share of the total population. The most represented race in is white.


85% of the population had graduated from high school, while 51.4% had attained a bachelors degree or higher. The majority of the population 3 years and older were enrolled in elementary school (1st – 8th grade), followed by high school then college.

Global Diversity

This chart identifies the most common birthplace for the foreign-born residents residing within the city. The most common birthplace for the foreign-born residents is in the region of Asia, followed by Latin America.

Commuter Transportation

This graph shows the most commonly used mode of transportation and the average commute time. The most common method of travel for workers was driving alone.

Health Care Coverage

This visualization shows health insurance coverage for current residents. 94% of the population had health insurance, while the majority had private health coverage.

Household Characteristics

There were a total of 866,000 households with an average family size of 3 people per household. There were more homeowners than renters with 57.12% of the housing units in being owner occupied.